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Age of Defense 3

Age of Defense 3
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Age of Defense is back! Battle through 32 units, unlock 32 unique skills, use tree-based upgrade system and beat over 100 levels! The main difference in Mochi version compare with others is a higher level of difficulty making it more challenging!

How to play Age of Defense 3

Move mouse to the edge of screen to scroll map or use LEFT/RIGHT and A/D. Click any unit's icons to unleash units. Each units has an unique special skills, here's the list of all skills: Blast Out, Fast Forward, Triple Ammo, Rolling, Clone, More Stones, Fire Power, Mega Fire, Self Destruction, Tree of Horror, Hurricane, Meteor, Stronger, Power Arrow, Stun, Fire Balls, Lighting, Enchanting Arrow, Run Away, Rapid Fire, Jumping, Poison Arrow, Gun Blast, Machine Gun, Flying Gun, Air Strike, Multiple Launch, More Bombs, Light Power, Chaos, Low Price, Unlimited Move.


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