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Empires of Arkeia

Empires of Arkeia
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Orcs, pirates, and strange blue fishfolk are swarming all over the islands! Gather your forces, develop new technologies, craft devious tactics, and push these invaders out of our lands!

How to play Empires of Arkeia

- Use the number keys 1-6 to select unit types in battle - Click on the green arrows to deploy units - When your morale bar fills up you can hit Space to send out a full wave of units - Cross the opposing edge to damage your enemy's base camp. Once its hit points reach zero, the enemy won't be able to deploy any further forces. - After a battle, you can spend any XP you've earned on upgrades at the Academy - Certain cities will unlock new unit types, which you can then to move into your army using the Barracks window - In the Library screen you can view the stats of enemy unit types


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