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Shape Switcher

Shape Switcher
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Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color and shape changing to unlock doors and escape the maze in this Flash puzzle game! Play all 13 interesting levels.

How to play Shape Switcher

- Use arrow keys to bounce around and land on special tiles that change your shape or color. Special doors require you to be the right color or shape or both to open, so shape shift in the right order to open the doors and reach the star tile to advance to the next level. If you get stuck, use the reset button to restart the level. - Level progress is saved automatically per website, but high score is not. You'll need to play through all levels in one session to get your total score for all 13 levels. - For the level editor, use arrow keys to switch the tile type and click on a tile to change it. Click and drag the player to set his starting position. Use the Save and Load buttons to share your custom challenge with your friends and everyone at Fupa.com!


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